• How to upgrade your Angular and NgRx Apps to v8

    Do you have an awesome application written with Angular v7 using NgRx v7, but have been feeling left out will all the mentions online and at conferences about Angular v8 and NgRx v8? Well, you are in luck! Today we will explore together, how to upgrade our applications to use Angular v8 using the Angular CLI tooling. We will also explore upgrading to NgRx v8.
  • Managing File Uploads With NgRx

    In this article we will build a fully-functional file upload control that is powered by Angular and is backed by an NgRx feature store.
  • A Deep Dive into Angular's NgOnDestroy

    We will discuss limitations with how and when `ngOnDestroy` is called. We will also discuss ways to overcome those limitations using async and HostListener.
  • Angular Routing - Best Practices for Enterprise Applications

    The following represents a pattern that I've developed at my day job after building several enterpirse Angular applications. While most online tutorials do a great job laying out the fundamentals, I had a hard time locating articles that showed recommended conventions and patterns for large and scalable applications. With this pattern you should have a clean and concise organization for all routing related concerns in your applications.
  • Angular courses for you and your team, a review of Ultimate Courses

    While these are fantastic resources, it's often hard to find Angular training courses that teach on the latest and greatest versions of front-end libraries and frameworks. In this article, I will explore, Ultimate Courses, the offerings created and curated by Todd Motto (Google Developer Expert and Angular extraordinaire).
  • Automatically Remove All Unused Imports in a TypeScript Project

    We will use the `tslint` command line tool, in conjuction with the `tslint-etc` rules, to automatically detect and remove all unused imports in the directory, recursively. If you have a large project, the process can take some time to run. It is important to double-check all files for correctness once the fix process is complete.
  • Building an AOT Friendly Dynamic Content Outlet in Angular

    Have you ever needed to dynamically load content or components in your Angular applications? How about in a way that the built-in structural directives , ngIf and ngSwitch  just don’t provide? Are you also in need of the optimization benefits of using Ahead-of-Time compilation?
  • NgRx — Best Practices for Enterprise Angular Applications

    The following represents a pattern that I’ve developed at my day job after building several enterprise Angular applications using the NgRx library. I have found that most online tutorials do a great job of helping you to get your store up and running, but often fall short of illustrating best practices for clean separation of concerns between your store feature slices, root store, and user interface.