Welcome to my site. Here you will find rich content diving into best practices for developing enterprise applications using technologies such as Angular & ASP.NET Core.

Why would you take advice from me? Well, I am an experienced Lead Software Engineer specializing in enterprise web apps. I have worked for both small and large corporations in both the commercial insurance, disaster relief, and logistics industries.

My background is diverse in that I am not formally trained in computer science. Rather I have spent my life working through and up the ladder in the development world. I started out with humble but respectable beginnings as a level one support technician, eventually wearing many hats such as business analyst, project manager, junior software developer, senior developer and eventually team lead.

I have seen it all… over-engineered complicated monolithic messes, deployment nightmares, massive data conversions involving complex financial transactions, and over-agressive projects with tight timelines.

I have learned to always try and boil things down to a pragmatic, REAL WORLD, solution.

Here’s the bottom line: I’m here if you need help in Angular, ASP.Net Core, or best practices. I’m here if you need a mentor, and I am here if you have run into issues and just need a second “pair of eyes” to bust through the wall.